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Profanity Filtering Comes To Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, one of the world's most popular video conferencing platforms, is all set to introduce a new filtering control that will allow users to choose whether they see profanity or not in Microsoft Teams Live Captions.

This will help users toggle profanity filtering on or off during a call so they are protected against any kind of potentially foul language throughout if they so choose.

In its entry in the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, the feature is described as "in development", with an estimated general availability date of May 2023. "With the newly introduced toggle for turning on/off profanity filtering, users will now be able to control whether they want to continue to leverage the profanity filtering capability provided out of the box, or, if they want to see every word as-is," Microsoft noted in its description.

The feature on release will only be available for Microsoft Teams users on Desktop and Mac devices and a further launch on other platforms may follow soon.

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