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Smart Field Service-Top Process Automation Features

Want to optimise your service experience with effortless planning, scheduling, and dispatching in real-time? Wondering how to empower your field technicians with mobile tools accessible on multiple devices at all times to become the number 1 service provider?

Let us find out how your field service organisation can improve customer satisfaction and first-time fix rates by leveraging smart field service solutions.

In today's new normal, the nature of field service organisations has evolved dramatically. Today, organisations are leveraging a blend of increased asset connectivity, artificial intelligence, and remote services to drive service-based sales, increase customer loyalty, and deliver outstanding & consistent customer experiences.

Benefits of field service automation

  • Reduce human errors

  • Scale more easily

  • Stop leaking revenue

  • Retain company knowledge

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Stay competitive

  • Collaborate more effectively

  • Remind existing customers that service is due

  • Reap the potential of Predictive maintenance schedules

  • Track important data that tells you how your business is doing

  • Avoid poor communication between teams and departments

  • Keep track of business leads

The list goes on!

For instance, you can leverage the following features of the out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

  • Automation Setup: You can create work plans for and assign jobs to your field service technicians. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service app can be used to automatically record attendance and hours of service of field service technicians.

  • Real-time alerts: Custom rules can be established based on events in the field involving time, place, and people. For instance, an unscheduled stoppage, or arrival/departure from a job site.

  • Daily dispatch reminders: Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service app, employees can be sent text, IVR calls, or app notifications about the jobs assigned to them. Automated or manual reminders can also be sent to them regarding tasks at the job site and shifts.

  • Field data capture: Field service technicians can collect on-field data with mobile forms, scan QR codes, capture photographs and signatures, and more.

  • Back office integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can be integrated with your back-office ERP, flexible manufacturing system (FMS), or Customer relationship management (CRM) system using web APIs.

If you have any questions or need additional information regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, please feel free to email or call us.


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