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Top 5 Marketing Ideas That Scream Engagement For The Easter Holidays

What's the most challenging task for marketers on Easter? Yes, you guessed it right! It's all about engaging their subscribers as the inboxes of subscribers are likely to be filled with countless Easter emails. If you want your Easter emails to be the ones that are read and responded to, you should go the extra mile to win the attention of your target audience.

Since you’re already here, you’re one step closer to creating high-performing Easter emails to grab the attention of your target audience. Exciting, right? Let’s get started.

#1. Be Thankful

Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and acknowledging our loved ones and the good things around us. To get started, you should incorporate the feel and spirit of thankfulness into your Easter email campaigns by thanking your existing and potential customers.

For this, you can send them a gift card, discount coupons, or greeting cards as a token of appreciation. You can even mention the collaborations, achievements, and milestones of your brand in your Easter promotional emails. Such emails will help in creating a reliable image of your brand in front of your prospects and customers while encouraging them to get connected and engage with you more.

#2. Win Hearts With a Humorous Copy

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. If you want your emails to be imprinted in the memory of your target audience, you should create a humorous Easter email and add a catchy subject line to Easter emails. It will encourage the email recipients to read your Easter and other promotional emails over time.

#3. Show Your Generous Side

Demonstrate the generous side of your brand by making your target audience admire your brand as an empath. How about giving off a little bit? There are different and countless ways to do so. For instance, you may ask your subscribers to donate to the underprivileged or run food drives or blood donation camps. This will create a gracious image of your brand while increasing customer engagement.

#4. Tips & hacks for Easter

The first thing that comes to our mind probably when we think of Easter is a gathering full of loved ones and a table full of delicious food. How about pitching in some Easter breakfast, Easter lunch, or Easter dinner ideas in your Easter promotional emails?

How about offering amazing Easter food recipes or discount coupons for Easter meals? Such offers may or may not go directly with your brand identity but they are still a sure-shot strategy to boost click-through and engagement rates. You can even send them Easter hosting ideas, such as how to have the perfect interior for Easter or how to set up tables. You can send them a downloadable checklist for Easter.

#5. Track down the subscriber journey

Undoubtedly, personalised promotional emails are the second most favourite of subscribers (the first obviously being promotional emails with big sale offers). You can create a special series of Easter emails for your target audience based on their subscriber journey with your brand.

For instance, you can greet your subscribers Happy Easter and welcome them to your brand if they have just signed up. If some subscribers have not engaged with your brand for a while, you can send them emails saying "Let’s get back together this Easter!" Your target audience will surely appreciate your efforts.

A little fear of missing out (FOMO) doesn't hurt anyone. You can trigger a sense of urgency by adding countdown timers to your Easter promotional emails. This will motivate an impulsive response from your target audience.

Don't let anyone steal your thunder! Ending on that note, Happy Easter, go break a leg!


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