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Will CRM Bring You A Happy New Year?

The Christmas season is surely the time when everyone seems to be doing a lot of resting, reflecting, reloading, or spending time with family and loved ones.

Let us find out what could be the ideal approach for organisations to entice customers, win customers, and bring more sales.

  1. Have a carefully planned strategy for marketing & communications based on insights, customer data, and preferences.

  2. When people start getting into the swing of things after the summer is over, organisations should take time to go through their CRM data and the contacts in their database. This validation can go a long way to start sending the right and targeted messages to prospects and ensure the communications are appropriately lined up.

  3. It would any day make sense to find out what other times are important and special to prospects. This would help you take advantage of opportunities other than holidays.

  4. Don't hesitate to gather feedback from prospects and customers on the different promotional messages, newsletters, social media posts, etc., and ask them what they want to receive or change.

  5. A good CRM tool can be leveraged to track and analyze data and times when a specific product or service is in good demand. For instance, gift cards are more popular around the holiday season even though customers tend to purchase them in smaller quantities throughout the year.

  6. A CRM system can help you identify the purchases that customers have made throughout the year during the tenure of their relationship with you. These insights can be integrated with a content management system for sending promotional emails about other products and services they may be interested in.

Find out more ways on how your business can welcome the New Year 2022. Contact us at C.I.G Consultants now.

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