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Faster AI-Powered Search For Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has announced it will update the search experience in its desktop client for Microsoft Teams. Starting in November 2021, Microsoft will roll out the changes to search in Teams to Microsoft 365 tenants.

Instead of being restricted to a small panel on the left of the app, search results are now full page. Search will now be divided into categories as tabbed pages at the top of the new results page in place of accessing search filters, like From and Type, etc., like dropdown menus above the results.

Results will be displayed full screen and segmented into categories that can be expanded such as Messages, and then Files, for example, to see more, much like search works in Outlook for iOS and Android.

Microsoft said, “A new search results experience in Teams for Desktop clients will be launched to make finding messages, people, answers, and files faster and more intuitive. This redesigned search results page features better context, faster results, improved filtering capabilities with AI-powered relevance based on the people and content you engage with most in Teams and other Microsoft 365 services.”

The complete rollout is expected to be completed by mid-November 2021.

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