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'Hide Your Own Video' Feature Introduced By Microsoft To Teams Meeting Platform

Microsoft has decided to introduce the 'Hide Your Own Video' feature to Teams’ meeting platform after more than 5,000 irritated Microsoft Teams users complained about functionality that always keeps them in sight during online meetings.

Till now, the self-view was always static in the bottom right-hand corner of a Teams meeting. A big majority of Teams users were frustrated by the fact that they constantly see themselves during meetings. "This is often distracting and can also get in the way of the screenshare," complained users on Microsoft's community board.

One such user posted on the Microsoft community board: "I'm both a female and new hire and seeing myself is very distracting and exhausting. As a result, I nearly always turn off my camera for all my meetings, even though this makes it even harder to connect with my colleagues, which is a disappointment as a new hire".

Teams users will be able to hide their own videos by the end of this month.

In another development, Microsoft has announced a new tool that will automatically destroy recording files saved in OneDrive or SharePoint after the end of a specific period. Admins will be able to turn off the auto-expiration option that will be enabled by default. In case no action is taken following the rollout, all new recordings will expire automatically 60 days after being captured.

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