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Local Time Information Added By Microsoft Teams To User Profile Cards

A new update has been released by Microsoft Teams that will allow users to ascertain the local time of their co-workers by checking their user profile cards.

Laurie Pottmeyer, Teams Community Lead at Microsoft, announced on Twitter that this feature has started rolling out to the desktop and web apps. Users will have to hover over the profile photos of users in a channel or chat conversation to view the profile card in Microsoft Teams. The feature will facilitate remote team collaboration across different time zones. This update is likely to be made available for all Microsoft Teams desktop users by the end of this month according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Another feature has been added by the Microsoft Teams desktop app to help users pin a specific message to the top of the chat header. It will make it easier for users to easily track all important announcements in Teams. Users can pin a chat message by hovering over the specific message and then they need to click the ellipsis (. . .) menu and choose the “Pin” option.

New 3D Fluent emojis are also being added to Microsoft Teams. They will appear in live meeting reactions, message reactions, and chats & channels. Currently, the feature is only available in the public preview version of Microsoft Teams. Users need to visit the app’s settings menu and click the “About” section and select the“Public Preview” option to enable 3D Fluent emojis.

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