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Microsoft 365 Roadmap Updated With Innovative Capabilities

Microsoft has announced updates to its Microsoft 365 Roadmap with a bunch of new capabilities that will be released shortly.

For instance, Microsoft Teams is all set to receive "ultrasound howling detection" on Windows and Mac. When multiple people join a meeting on Teams in the same room with their respective mics and speakers on, they tend to experience echoes and "howling" sounds due to the audio feedback loop. Microsoft is taking care of this issue by automatically detecting when more than one laptop is in the vicinity for the same meeting and if at least one has their mic on. Once these conditions are met, participants after the first one will be notified and their mic and speakers will be automatically muted when they join.

Also, Teams on Windows and Mac will also get support for an "Explicit Recording Consent" policy. This means that audio, video, and content shared on the screen will not be recorded unless the consent of Teams users is received. Furthermore, Teams admins will be able to leverage a cleaner user interface in the Teams Admin Center on the web as well.

All of the features mentioned above are planned for general availability in March 2023.

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