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Microsoft Adds New Presenter Feature To Windows

Microsoft is ready to roll out the public preview of its new 'standout' feature for presenter mode in PowerPoint on a Teams video meeting.

Standout is an initiative by Microsoft to revamp the overhaul sharing content capabilities on Teams as it shapes the collaboration platform for hybrid work. In May this year, Microsoft started rolling out a series of presenter mode preview features for Teams. 'Standout' mode shows the video feed of the presenter of the bottom right corner of the presentation slide.

According to a Microsoft update, it works for both PowerPoint SlideShow View and PowerPoint Presenter View and will be available for all users on macOS and Windows 10/11 under a public preview on September 24.

Users can enable Standout in two ways. Users can join a Microsoft Teams meeting as a presenter and then proceed to open the Teams Share Tray to enable 'standout' within a given PowerPoint deck to be shared.

Alternatively, users can open the Teams Share Tray and then select a PowerPoint deck. Once the presentation is loaded, users can toggle on or off the presenter mode 'standout' button. As of now, it will be a desktop experience and Teams recording would not be able to capture the standout video. It can be enabled by the presenter, Teams mobile, and Teams web attendees just see a flat tone background.

"Presenter mode 'standout' allows a PowerPoint presenter to show their video overlaid on the presentation during a Microsoft Teams meeting. This feature enables a more engaging experience by not having the attendee choose between seeing the presenter or the shared PowerPoint content," Microsoft said.

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