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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management Now Generally Available In India

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to adapt effectively and quickly to satisfy ever-evolving digital commerce requirements is now generally available in India.

Using this cloud-based solution, organisations can gain real-time advanced analytical capabilities and cross-channel inventory visibility to better meet customer expectations through better decision-making processes.

"With Intelligent Order Management, we are providing businesses with the ability to meet these growing digital commerce needs and drive organisational agility by empowering them to scale rapidly with partner connectors, accelerate time to market with a flexible architecture and improve order accuracy with fulfilment insights," said Rajiv Sodhi, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft India.

  • Manage the entire order lifecycle: Organisations can quickly gain real-time insights into every order, from intake to delivery, by making the use of easily configurable and customisable dashboards.

  • Automate and optimise fulfilment: Rule-based fulfilment orchestration can be leveraged with artificial intelligence and real-time stock to optimise order flows with exceptional handling.

  • Adapt quickly to evolving business models: Organisations can now better model and automate responses to fulfilment constraints by making the use of embedded drag-and-drop policy designers to configure order flows.

  • Improve customer experience: Improved transparency, on-time delivery every time, and greater flexibility can now be achieved to improve customer satisfaction.

Leverage the best of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management now. Call C.I.G Consultants for more information.

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