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Microsoft’s Early Efforts To Monetize AI Highlighted By ChatGPT

Microsoft is all ready to position its supremacy as the breakout success of OpenAI‘s ChatGPT triggers a tsunami of excitement over artificial intelligence. However, Microsoft still needs to do enough to transform this novel and still imperfect technology into a big business.

The software company recently said it is putting billions of dollars more into OpenAI. The startup is receiving high praise from tech executives and the public as it can OpenAI‘s ChatGPT can answer difficult questions, write book reports, and compose poetry in seconds.

“The age of AI is upon us, and Microsoft is powering it," Chief Executive Satya Nadella said on a call with analysts.

Since it was released in November, millions have flocked to ChatGPT. OpenAI’s other viral hit, which is the image-generating Dall-E 2, has flooded the web with user-created pictures.

ChatGPT, as a disruptive business, is still finding its feet.

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