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Support For Scheduling Chat Messages Added By Microsoft Teams

A new schedule send feature is getting added by Microsoft Teams that will help users select a specific time to send a chat message. The feature is rolling out gradually in public preview for the Teams desktop and web apps.

The schedule send feature is quite similar to the delay delivery option in Outlook and will help users send scheduled chat messages at a time convenient to their colleagues. It will also allow users to edit and delete messages before they are delivered to the recipient.

“All scheduled messages can only be delivered no more than 7 days in the future and cannot be flagged as urgent or important. Inline images and attached files will only be accessible by others in the chat once the message has been delivered,” the company explained on the Microsoft 365 admin center.

The feature is designed to prevent users from disturbing their colleagues outside of working hours and improve work-life balance. It is expected to be made available for all commercial customers by mid-October 2022.

Users will have to right-click on the Send button and select a date and time within seven days to schedule a message in Teams. Thereafter, they will have to review the schedule details in the message compose box and click on the Send at scheduled time button to deliver it at the scheduled date and time.

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