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Microsoft Resurrects Clippy As Sticker Pack Inside Teams

Microsoft has decided to introduce Clippy back to Microsoft Teams as a sticker pack, after first resurrecting it two years back and then killing it off after a few days. The new retro sticker pack appears much like the stickers that a team of Microsoft employees created for Teams more than two years ago.

Initially, people had mixed responses to the Groucho-browed interruptions and the stint of Clippy as Office assistant came to an end in 2001 with Office XP. Until earlier this year, Microsoft had been reluctant to embrace Clippy as a meme in its Windows or Office products.

“Yes, it’s true – Clippy has agreed to come out of retirement!” explains Microsoft, confirming the return of Clippy to Microsoft Teams. “Whether you loved him or hated him, Clippy is back with a Retro Sticker Pack in Teams.”

Clippy has now returned to replace the standard paperclip emoji in Windows 11, been part of new Teams backgrounds, and now stars in a sticker pack in Microsoft Teams.

In another development, Microsoft noted that there will be a version of Microsoft Teams included with Windows 11 to support consumer type of logins or personal logins into Windows.

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